My school

Hello dear friends. Today I will tell you about my school. My school is very beautiful and interesting. I like my school and teachers very much. My classroom is very beautiful. In our class we have many big windows. My school’s name is Mkhitar Sebastatsi.

In classroom we have more big tables and armchairs. We have little art school, we called it Artasahman. We have sculpture classes, and art classes. We have song classes, and sing many interesting songs. We works only with computers. We swimming, and horse riding.

We have a big yard. We have a dog, and we he called it Atsi. We have a big kitchen. In kitchen we eat many yummy things.


Schools in Great Britain are a lot like German schools, but there are also some differences.

Watch this slideshow yo find out more.

Most schools in Britain are for boys and girls.

But some just for girls and some are just for boys.

But all students at British schools learn the same things.

There are many private schools in Great Britain.

You have to pay money to go to a private school.

The lessons there can be hard and sometimes there is school on Saturdays, too!

Grades in Great Britain are letters not numbers.

Teachers use the letters A to F show how good homework is.

A is very good, and F is very bad.

In England teachers have their own classrooms.

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