Easter in Armenia and England

Easter in Armenia

Different games are played in Armenia during Easter. Armenians definitely play a very popular game on Easter. The name of the game is Eggs Fight.
Armenians eat different dishes at Easter. They eat eggs, fish and pilaf with raisins.

 Armenians drink red wine on Easter. Red wine symbolizes the blood of Jesus.

 And in England, children and adults eat chocolate eggs. They roll the eggs down the hill, and then they go hunting for eggs.
In England, children eat chocolate rabbits and believe that if they listen to their parents, the rabbit will give them chocolate eggs.  

In Armenia the most popular bread for Easter is Chorek. It is a sweet bread. Chorek is a rather sweet and puff bread, that’s why it’s not an everyday dish, but is made once a year, during Easter.

In England people eat a Hot cross buns. Hot cross buns were first baked in England to be served on Good Friday. They are small and there is a cross on them.

Easter in England

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