English homework. 02.02.2021

p.96, ex.1

1. Watch- watched

2. Clean- cleaned

3. Return- returned

4. Stop- stoped

5 Stay- stayed

6. Walk- walked

7. Shop-

8. look- looked

9. Tidy-

10. Smile- smiled

11. Cry- cried

12. Water-

13. Drop- droped

14. Call- called

Ex. 3

I talked to Jane an hour ago.

We played tennis last Sunday.

He phoned me two hours ago.

It rained yesterday.

They travelled by plane last month.

I walked the dog five hours ago.

I listened to music last night.

He worked in London last year.

We played tennis yesterday.

Tim cooked dinner yesterday.

Ex. 4

Yesterday my family and l visited my grandparents. My mum helped my grandma with the housework. My dad cleaned the windows. My brother and l watched cartoons on TV. Later we played outside in the garden. We climbed up the tree to get to the treehouse. We stayed there all afternoon. Then our mum called us because it was time to go. Our grandparents kissed us goodbye and we returned home.

Ex 5.

Yesterday my sister and l helped our mum In the house. First, we cleaned our rooms and then we washed our clothes. After that we cooked some pasta. The pasta was not very good. Harris, but our mum was happy to eat it. She did not want to show that the food was awful! Our mum is so kind.

Ex 6.

2. Mum usually washes the dishes. Yesterday Dad washed the dishes.

3. Mum usually cooks the dinner. Yesterday Dad cooked the dinner.

4. Mum usually irons the clothes. Yesterday Dad ironed the clothes.

5. Mum usually walks the dog. Yesterday Dad walked the dog.

Ex 7.

2. Pedro played football last Sunday.

Pedro didn’t play football last Sunday.

3. I watched TV last night.

I didn’t watch TV last night.

4. Aya listened to music Yesterday evening.

Aya didn’t listen to music Yesterday evening.

5. The cat climbed a tree Yesterday morning.

The cat didn’t climb a tree Yesterday morning.

6. It rained last week.

It didn’t rain last week.

7. He smiled at me.

He didn’t smile at me.

8. George tidied his room an hour ago.

George didn’t tidy his room an hour ago.

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