My friend


1) Where does Andrew’s friend live?

a) Gozo

2)Is Andrew’s friend a girl or a boy?

b) He is a boy.

3) How old is Andrew’s friend?

b) 11 years old.

4) What is Andrew’s friend’s name?

c) Robert.

5. Robert’s hair is short and brown and his eyes are green.

6. He is short and slim.

7. He is good at English

8. English is his best subject.

My best friend

Hello my name is Eva. My best friend is my mother. Her name is Diana. She is thirty three years old. She lives in Armenia. My mother has short and brown hair. Her hair is straight and her eyes are brown.  She is short and slim. She is kind, beautiful and she helps my a lot. My mother likes swimm. She is good at Armenian language and literature. My mother’s favorite color is yellow and favorite number is 9.

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