My flat

Hello friends! Today I will tell you about my flat. I live in 7th floor. I live in Raffi 97, flat number 12. There are 3 rooms in my house, living room, my bedroom, and the bedroom of my parents.

I have a big house. My room is not very large, but I have big bed, and large wardrobe. I have a shelf where we save many photos, and books. I have a bookshelf. In bookshelf I have many interesting books. I have a working table, where I do my online lessons, or learn homework. My parent’s wardrobe is in my bedroom too. There are two big windows in my bedroom.

My parents have very large bed in their bedroom. And they have two little shelfs. My mom has a big toilet table. There are two big windows in my parents bedroom.

My kitchen is very big. On this kitchen, my mom cooks very nice meats. We have a big tamp, and bar table, for cooking. We have a big gas, and kettle. We have big, white fridge, and black table.

There is a big sofa in my living room! We have a big bookshelf. We have a TV and two big windows.