5 facts about Christmas in America | Pew Research Center

Christmas is a special, worldwide holiday. It is always celebrated from December 25, before the new year. This is also an important and cheerful holiday, like the New Year.

Every year, the holiday is celebrated on December 25, but the day is different for each year. This year the holiday will be on Saturday.



Dogs caught coronavirus from their owners, genetic analysis suggests

Dogs — very friendly and smart animals. Many dogs can live 1-5 years, and others can 1-10years.

Dogs very popular animals on the world. There are police dogs, very big, and dogs for fishing. In the world there are 500 million dogs, but 75% — not have house.

Many dogs have all viruses and can infect this. The ancestors of dogs originated from the wolf breed. The dog is the first of the wild animals, which was domesticated by man in the Stone Age — about 12 thousand. years ago.

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