English. Classwork. 28.09.2022

  1. 1.Excuse me. You are standing on my foot. (to stand)
    • “Where is Lilly?”
    • “She is watching TV in her room.” (to watch)
    • .Students pass exams twice a year. (to pass)
    • “Where are you going?” (to go)
    • “I go to the cinema with my friends.” (to go)
    • “How often you do go to the cinema?” (to go)
    • “Once or twice a month.”
    • “Does your brother work in the hospital?” (to work)
    • “Yes, he is a doctor.”
  2. 6.
    • “ is it raining outside?” (to rain)
    • “No, but is blowing the strong wind.” (to blow)
    • “ it oftenhere?” (to rain)
    • “Usually, not more than twice a month.”
  3. 7.Listen! The baby is cry. (to cry)
  4. 8.On Saturdays, my family gathers for a picnic. (to gather)
  5. 9.
    • “Who is in the library now?”
    • “My classmates prepare for the history test there.” (to prepare)
    • “They often are preparing the history test in the library.” (to prepare)
  6. 10.Emma’s father teaches English in our schools. (to teach)
  7. 11.I am meeting John tonight. (to meet)
  8. 12.
    • “What are you doing ?” (to do)
    • “We are making surprise for our mother.” (to make)
  9. 13.What time do you get up? (to get up)
  10. 14.Don’t make noise. Daddy is in sleeping the bedroom. (to sleep)
  11. 15.Lucas is taking a shower now. (to take)